About CRO Info

Our information platform CRO Info has been specifically designed to provide a portfolio of information services together with legal and accountancy service solutions that will optimise your productivity.

Established for over 23 years, CRO bring together a trusted team of experts in all aspects of information provision, legal and accountancy service solutions, company registrations and corporate secretarial services. We are all passionate about delivering excellent customer service and we are striving to become the first port of call in the provision of information solutions, company registrations and corporate secretarial services.

Our information platform contains the following features:

  • Automated company name look up by inserting the company number
  • Upload multiple company search list from CSV file
  • Customisable forced file referencing option with the reference then appearing either on an invoice or weekly or monthly schedule for easy billing
  • A scheduling system that easily allows you to repeat the same search on multiple dates or create ongoing recurring searches
  • Results can be emailed to multiple addresses and changed on a search-by-search basis
  • While you can customise the file reference, the schedule and who the results are sent to, these all have defaults so while the system is flexible, entering a one-off search is simple and fast
  • View a summary of billable transactions for any given period, broken down by search type and file reference
  • Multiple logins per client
  • Scheduling system accounts for weekends, public holidays and other closures
  • You can apply the same schedule and file reference to multiple searches at once
  • Results can be viewed at any time through a single click "permalink"
  • Ability to quickly view batches of search results filtered and sorted by a variety of criteria
  • Quickly view a summary of search results without having to generate a report (this is included in the email as well)
  • Attractive well formatted reports
  • White labelled reports with limited customisation of (optional) coversheet including a custom logo

Opening hours - 9am to 5.30pm Monday to Friday excluding bank holidays